Kutrubes Travel Story

Prokos Kutrubes founded Kutrubes Travel. In the early 1900’s, his clientele were mostly Greek, Armenian, Albanian and Middle Eastern immigrants. These clients were either booking passage for themselves in order to visit family back home, or booking passage to bring family members to the U.S. Over the years, these families, their repeat business and their referrals, helped Kutrubes Travel grow over the decades. Katina, Prokos Kutrubes’ wife, often worked at the travel agency, while juggling her duties as wife and mother. Together, their industrious spirit, energy, and enthusiasm helped shape the agency into what it is today.

Over 100 years later, Kutrubes Travel is still owned and operated by the Kutrubes family. Kathy Kutrubes, the granddaughter of Prokos Kutrubes, began working with her grandfather while she was still in school. His love of travel and curiousity about traditions and cultures in far-off places still inspire Kathy today.

Prokos Kutrubes - Founder of Kutrubes Travel
Kathy Kutrubes and His Excellency Zoran Jolevski
In August 2013 Kathy Kutrubes had lunch in Boston with His Excellency, Zoran Jolevski, The Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia.
In September 2013 Kathy Kutrubes and Lynda Hill, Marketing Director of Kutrubes Travel, attended a luncheon in Boston in honor of His Excellency, Nikola Gruevski, The Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.