Fall Harvest in the Vineyards

Arriving at a vineyard during harvest carries with it a sense of excitement; an energy of anticipation hangs in the air.  Driving up, your eye is drawn to the vines, rich with purple clusters of grapes grower bigger and heavier by the day, waiting for the perfect level of sweetness to be achieved before they are pulled off the vine and the process of wine making is started.  Wandering past to the crush pad the smell from the grapes permeates the air, as the juice and the skins flow into the holding tanks, their home for the next few days.  The wooden barrels sit off to the side, waiting to impart a delicate oak flavor into this new vintage.

Winemaking is a science, but great wines are made with instinct and experience.  Each winery is a new lesson in how a wine was crafted and each taste is an introduction into new flavors.  It is during harvest that wines come to life, and there is no better time to enjoy a glass of wine looking out on the vineyards, seeing the promise of another great bottle.

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