Cuisine of Macedonia

Often, the best way to experience a different world culture is through its food.  In the small Balkan nation of Macedonia, food is the center of every celebration. Macedonian cuisine is an aspect of Balkan cuisine that reflects both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.  The relatively warm climate of this country provides excellent conditions for growing a variety of unique vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Located at the top of the high hills of the largest park in Macedonia , Mavrovo National Park,  you find porcini mushrooms, walnuts, berries and mountain herbs. Tefik Tefikovski, a passionate chef, runs Hotel Tutto in Janche, Macedonia. Tefik helped launch the much-discussed Slow Food movement, an alternative to fast food, during 20 years spent living in Germany and Italy. The restaurant inside the hotel brings this technique and the taste of local dishes to life.  The dishes are freshly cooked using only natural and ecologically sensible products, following traditional recipes. Sitting on the terrace of the restaurant, you connect to the local life by enjoying the view of the old village of Janče, set amid a wonderful backdrop of mountains that surround the town. While enjoying the view, dine on the particularly yummy pita (a flaky, coiled pie stuffed with tangy local cheese and spinach or leek) and savor the slow-roasted lamb.

Moving Northeast, in Skopje, you will find a traditional restaurant named Makedonska Kuka. Original recipes, loyal to age-old Macedonian traditions, are attributes of the abundant gourmet kitchens which are typical of this area. While dining, selections of Macedonian traditional music supplement regular live performances of national ensembles and folk dancing groups.

Macedonians are passionate about food, and some famous Macedonian dishes include:

1. Borek – – baked filled pastries made out of phyllo, a thin flaky dough.
2. Polneti Piperki, which is literally translated to “stuffed peppers”, typically filled with rice and meat.
3. Shopska Salata, Macedonia’s very own National salad filled with cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes tossed with salt, oil and vinegar and topped with feta cheese and parsley.
4. Palacinki, a Macedonian version of a French crepe. These can be filled with anything from chocolate and walnuts to fresh fruit. Enjoy at the end of a meal or for a midday snack!

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