Often, the best way to experience a different world culture is through its food.  In the small Balkan nation of Macedonia, food is the center of every celebration. Macedonian cuisine is an aspect of Balkan cuisine that reflects both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.  The relatively warm climate of this country provides excellent conditions for growing a variety of unique vegetables, herbs and fruits. Located at the top of the high hills of the largest

Many landmarks, milestones and historic towns dot the Via Egnatia, a Roman-era road that traverses a 1000 km route stretching from Dyrrachium on Greece’s western Adriatic coast eastward to Istanbul on the Black Sea. It crosses the Balkan peninsula through Macedonia, what is now known as Albania, Greece, and European Turkey, visiting mountain towns and Aegean Sea towns along the way. This difficult route also follows the banks of the beautiful river Shkumbin, from its mouth