Create your very own authentic experience in Greece!  Click the magnifying glass icon above and type “Greece” to find helpful articles, ideas and tours that include Greece. While the starting and ending points of our Tours are many and varied, any of them can include a visit to Athens, home to many ancient monuments like the temple of Olympian and the Ancient Agora. There are also many museums in Athens, as well as modern urban

Many landmarks, milestones and historic towns dot the Via Egnatia, a Roman-era road that traverses a 1000 km route stretching from Dyrrachium on Greece’s western Adriatic coast eastward to Istanbul on the Black Sea. It crosses the Balkan peninsula through Macedonia, what is now known as Albania, Greece, and European Turkey, visiting mountain towns and Aegean Sea towns along the way. This difficult route also follows the banks of the beautiful river Shkumbin, from its mouth